About Ashley DeBoer

Welcome to Thoughtful Blonde, LLC. I founded TBB in September of 2017 and it has transformed immensely throughout the years, but I’ve stuck to my roots and my vision for it. My mission is to share ideas, perceptions, my truth, travel tips, personal development, and empowerment.

I have always loved writing and when I started college, I wanted a platform to be able to connect with other like minded individuals and publish my pieces. By being vulnerable and sharing my heart on this forum, I’ve been able to grow and watch myself evolve through each post. I have a great passion for traveling and seeing the world, so I want to be a resource with travel guides to various places.

After graduating college and spending 6 months in the Peace Corps,I’m back to the sunshine state to get my Masters in Business Adminstration while taking on the role of Marketing Director for Mint Motors. My background is in economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship, and education has a special place in my heart. A lot of what I share on my blog is impacted by my everyday experiences and lifestyle. I place great value on cultivating healthy and loving relationships, and I am an optimistic with a desire to empower and support others! Thank you for reading my blogs and being thoughtfully¬†you.¬†